February 25, 2019

goddess warrior

I lead. I make it happen. I am a Goddess Warrior.

I inspire others to believe in their power and purpose.

I decide who I am and what I can be, do and have

I am a woman. I give birth

To ideas, solutions, to a culture of growth, to people.

I grow people to be their best.

I influence decisions, I make decisions.

I impact future generations.

I lead. I inspire. I make it happen.

I am able to respond. I am love.

I am a Goddess Warrior.

Don’t mess with me or my sister Goddesses

I make it happen.


About the Author

Pegine Echevarria
(C) Agnes Lopez Photography 2014

Pegine Echevarria (pronounced: Peh-geen Etch-uh-vuh-ria) is an American entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, life coach, and CEO of the Jacksonville-based Team Pegine, Inc.

“Echevarria is an active proponent of diversity and is human resource management professional. She is a Certified Speaking Professional member of the National Speakers Association and is the only Latina[6] inducted into the 58 member Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and the only Latina in the Million Dollar Speakers Group.[25] She was also named the “2010 Women in Business Champion of the Year for the North Florida District and the State of Florida.” She has been featured in Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine and is on the cover as a “Woman Who Rocks In Business.”[41] She was interviewed by columnist Devin Thrope (who covers social entrepreneurship and impact investing) in the Forbes article “Renowned Speaker Offers Tips To Women Entrepreneurs”.[42] Thorpe also interviewed Pegine for his online show.” – Wikipedia