October 25, 2018

By Angela Ging

Collegiate women are constantly on social media every single day. When recruitment comes around, it is easy for women to become caught up in which chapter has the prettiest Instagram photos or posts most frequently on Facebook. There are countless parody accounts out there making fun of sorority life and Greek life in general. It always stings a little bit when you see videos or captions that portray the opposite of what sorority life is truly about. Joining a sisterhood should be about developing into the best version of yourself while being challenged and surrounded by women who will always support you — not the butt of a joke.

When I went through recruitment, I explored the social media profiles of each chapter at my university to try and get a glimpse into what each sisterhood had to offer. I have always had an interest and passion for social media, so it was the first thing I looked at. I believe it is so important to be authentic in all areas of your life, especially online. Therefore, as soon as I joined my chapter, I knew I wanted to help show what my sisterhood was truly about through social media.

In the Fall of 2016, I applied to be the Panhellenic Director of Social Media on a whim because I wasn’t sure if a new member like me would be selected for a leadership position. I am incredibly grateful I took that chance because I was selected for the position and my role made my love for the Panhellenic community grow more quickly than I ever thought possible. I helped the Panhellenic Vice President of Communications alongside a handful of other Directors create social media campaigns that captured what it is truly like to be a part of a sorority at Florida State. We highlighted Panhellenic women on Instagram and Facebook that were doing incredible things in their chapters and in the community. We had their sisters and peers nominate these women to be featured, so it was a pleasant surprise when they saw a post about themselves and how they have positively impacted the people around them. I also made incredible friendships with the other directors and members of the Panhellenic executive board who I would have never met if I did not apply to be a Director as a new member.

After my experience as a Director, I knew that I had to continue to encourage others to show the true meaning of sorority through social media. I applied to be the Panhellenic Vice President of Communications because I learned so much through my experience as a Director and I wanted to continue displaying what it was like to be in a sorority at Florida State University. Although I went on to hold a different position on the Panhellenic executive board, I would not change it for the world. I was a little confused and upset at first when I did not receive the position I had hoped for, but I could not imagine my life any differently. I am thankful every single day that I was slated for Vice President of Executive Affairs because I became best friends with the executive board and I am constantly surrounded by supportive women who, like me, believe in the empowerment behind sorority life.

When I decided to take a risk and apply for something, I never thought that it would impact my life as much as it did. There is no harm in applying for any and every position you’re interested. Your passion and enthusiasm will take you so far, so you must give yourself the chance to show how much you care. Also, sometimes things may not go according to your plan and that is perfectly okay. Take into consideration that other people may see strengths in yourself you don’t see yet. Everything happens for a reason and it will work out in the end, so don’t let fear get in the way of your success. Don’t be afraid to for it!

About Angela:
Angela currently serves as the Vice President of Executive Affairs for the Panhellenic Association at Florida State University. She is a Senior Studying Information, Communication, and Technology and is a member of Gamma Phi Beta. Angela has also held multiple positions within her chapter and council.