April 25, 2018

By Hannah Kerr

Hannah Kerr photo

I believe that weaknesses can become strengths, dreams come true, and that anything is possible with effort, love, and determination.

I am a 22-year-old preparing to graduate from Western Kentucky University and I never imagined I would be pursuing what I am now when I walked onto this small campus almost four years ago.

I have always been described as a girly girl, gripping my coffee cup early in the morning and capturing every moment with my camera. Meeting friends in a coffee shop was, and still is, a part of my regular routine. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself in just one conversation with another person.

College is a time for growth. To get where I am now, I had to go through some body image struggles and fight the status quo for a positive outlook on life, love, and adventure.

Through a series of obstacles, both physical and mental, I felt called upon to put all my ideas that I had written in a little pink book on a blog called Kerrageously Made. Through this online platform, I posted my latest thoughts, struggles, triumphs, pictures, and more just to see if I could connect with another person and make a small difference.

Kerrageously Made Logo

My logo consists of coffee stains because, in addition to coffee shops being my ideal place for meeting new and old friends, we all leave a mark on this world just like coffee rings imprinted on a table. That mark is whatever you want it to be.

For years in the public relations program, I watched people brand themselves online, so why not me?

It has always been about wellness for me. Those past body image struggles and that positive state of mind all added up to what I love: holistic wellness.

I wanted to set myself on a path of a healthy lifestyle, incorporating all aspects of food, exercise, self-love, and passion. I found mine, so I knew at age 20 it was time to help other women find theirs.

From one blog post to the next, I wanted to grow my blog to be more than a resource but an opportunity.

The Little Pink Book Logo

Stemming from Kerrageously Made is my online group called The Little Pink Book. My little pink book from freshman year housed all my thoughts, but now I get to open my book up to an online community of 64 women who have come together to share their passions, ideas, thoughts, questions, and more.

We should live life to the fullest – no matter our financial state, previous struggles, or current situation. There are resources out there to help and I want to be one of those resources.

My motto for my blog is love, create, inspire, share. We should love ourselves and one another, create something new from the gifts we have, inspire others to live beautifully, and share our passions.

I strive to inspire women daily to fuel themselves with nutritious foods and to surround themselves with loving people who encourage them to be the best versions of themselves.

My passionate journey grows every day and I know that every setback is a set up for a comeback.

Live beautifully.