November 27, 2017

Going to the Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders for three consecutive years taught me a plethora of lessons, but what kept me returning year after year was the opportunity to find and connect with strong women as peers and mentors. When you go to the conference in February, take a moment to notice how many strong, courageous and capable women surround you. Not just the women sitting next to you, but the women leading the educational sessions, the keynote speakers, and even the women who stand next to you in the elevator. So many brave, intelligent, and caring women came before us. They helped pave the way for us, as young females, to lead and make change in our communities.

There were two women who immediately stood out to me the moment I stepped foot at my first Annual Conference. Alison Keller, who has played an integral role in the growth and evolution of the Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership (CCWL) for over 20 years and is the Director of Involvement at the University of Richmond, and Ginny Carroll with Circle of Sisterhood, who has literally changed the lives of thousands of girls, amazed me then and they continue to motivate me today. Strong women.

These role models helped me to build the confidence and learn the tools to make a difference not just in my chapter but throughout our Panhellenic and Greek communities, and beyond. Our motto for the 2014 Annual Conference was “Igniting Women’s Confidence” and I firmly believe as long as we continue to support each other, our possibilities are endless. Going out into the workplace with all I was able to absorb from CCWL and the Annual Conference, gave me a huge advantage over my colleagues. I found it easier to take risks while my peers struggled to make a decision. I gave my opinion when my supervisor asked, volunteered for extra assignments, and was eager to advance in my field. I attribute much of my professional performance to the confidence I gained during my undergraduate career thanks in part to mentors who have enabled me to mentor to others.

We all have the power to lead and make a difference in our own way. It’s up to you how you make your impact!

About Chelsea Poplin:
Chelsea Poplin is Wingate University Alumna who served as a Conference Coordinator for the Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership in 2014. During her time as an undergraduate, she served in a multitude of roles on campus and is a proud member of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Since earning her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Business, Chelsea has worked in global logistics and is now serving her country in the United States Navy.