August 04, 2017
Authored by Laryn Hilderbrandt, Brigitte Curcio, Emily Reich & Rachel Molnar

The conference coordinators of the Annual Greek Women’s Conference hosted by the Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership recently experienced an exciting opportunity. We attended a conference in New York hosted for women of all ages that are engaged with media, called HerConference hosted by HerCampus, an online magazine with more than 7,000 contributors throughout 300 campuses.

CCWL at Her Conference 2017
CCWL Conference Coordinators with Her Campus President and Publisher Windsor Hanger Western.

As you would guess, it’s a strange feeling attending a conference as a representative of another conference. And by strange, we mean good. We walked away with some ah-mazing swag bags filled to the brim with ULTA Beauty, Bed Head, Skinny Pop, Skedaddle, Moleskine, Brit+Co, etc. and got to hear some superb speakers who have literally changed the world. Most importantly, or most relative to us now, we gained an arsenal of career advice. For a group of women about to graduate college and who hope to eventually change the world, this conference came at a good time.

We were inspired by the National Co-Chairs of the Women’s March, laughed with Lisa Sugar, cried with Gretchen Carlson, fangirled over Troian Bellisario and Aja Naomi King, and connected with Amani Al-Khatahtbeh. That’s not even mentioning the women in the education sessions sharing career advice. Talk about feeling empowered and inspired!

We also got to hear a lot about professional development. Three out of the four coordinators who attended are studying public relations and we all got to hear a little bit about the profession. We heard everything from how to get a job to what a typical day is like for account executives and publicists. We enjoyed learning more about a topic we’re already interested in and the opportunity to put it all into perspective for our futures.

At HerConference, there was ample time to network with young women attending the conference. Numerous sessions focused on helping women build professional confidence. These skills ranged from how to ace an interview to marketing yourself and your skills regardless of your professional background. After a weekend filled with meeting confident and driven young women, all of us left feeling inspired and ready to implement everything we learned.

Surrounded by the big city and strong women with big dreams, we are beyond ready to take on the Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders. We hope you are too.