November 30, 2017

Saying that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by finals and other end of the semester projects would be the understatement of the year! After a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving break, the weight of it all can be a slap in the face; however, there are a few small tips that can hopefully soften the blow.

  1. Don’t Let Stress Eating Overtake You

It has been proven that stress wreaks just as much havoc on your body as any other common illness. And what could be more stressful than attempting to prepare for several massive tests capable of either tanking all your semester-long hard work or not fully compensating for all your semester-long not-so-hard work. Whichever it may be, probably the most common way to deal with these horrendous assessments is stress eating. At the time, it may seem that the comfort of the world’s greasiest pizza is the best solution to not having a panic attack, but it is not helping you tackle any finals. So what are you going to do? Stock your fridge with plenty of healthy options and only grab a few desperation goodies instead of stocking up for the apocalypse. Eating regularly throughout the day is also a huge way to help with cravings and can strengthen your will power to, well, just say no.

  1. Workout 2-3 Times Per Week

Though it will absolutely be the last thing you think you have time for—try to hit the gym or squeeze in some yoga. It works just as well as caffeine and you’ll be amazed at how focused you are instead of jittery from coffee and energy drinks.

  1. Do Not Overstudy

While bragging you’ve spent over eight straight hours studying for one exam may make you seem like the best student on the face of the planet, there are a few things you should know. First? No one believes you. Second? You could have accomplished the same amount of studying in about two hours. It’s not quantity; it’s quality. Studying for 1-2 hours at a time and then rewarding yourself with a snack or Netflix break (note: this is different from a Netflix binge) is way more effective than robotically reading notes for hours on end.

  1. Focus on One Final at a Time

It’s a great idea to prepare all your study guides and notes before the week of finals so there’s no rush to find and study all the information you need because you’ll have it all ready-to-go! When you begin, don’t worry about studying for everything, all at once, every day. Instead, prioritize your finals by date and start with the nearest one.

  1. Find A Designated Study Place

If you’re anything like every other college student, your bed is the absolute worst study. Finding somewhere that isn’t your apartment, house or dorm is usually the best bet. That way, there’s no rowdy roommates or doe-eyed pets distracting you from focusing. And don’t think it has to be the most secluded and studious spot on campus for you to concentrate. If sitting in the hallway outside of a classroom is where you concentrate the best, then, by all means, go for it!

  1. The Internet is Your Friend

Every once in a blue moon, there are assigned books that are actually helpful and easy to read. However, the majority of them usually leave you at the end of each page with no real understanding of what you just read. And while your professors assure you all the information they have covered is within the book they assigned, you live in this great day and age where it is pretty much guaranteed that somebody else has explained it better and more efficiently online. Sometimes a YouTube video can explain a theory, equation or lesson in terms that are easier to understand. Find what works for you!

  1. Divvy up the Workload

If you happen to have a professor who is kind enough to share a study guide with you, well, you should hug them because they are saints, but you should also wrangle together a group of reliable—extra emphasis on reliable—classmates who can share the workload. You’re all going to work through the same study guide, so why do it individually when you don’t have to? Divvy it up into sections and share your notes! Google Docs exists for a reason, right?

Most of all, remember that just like every year, you will survive and you will find happiness again, despite this seemingly impending doom. You’re stronger than you know and smarter than you realize, so take control and end the semester with an absolute bang!