December 20, 2017

Here are a few goals to bolster a healthy mind and body to in turn unleash the confident woman inside you.

  1. Eat well

I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times before: eat your vegetables, stay away from carbs, focus on protein, blah blah. However, it is true that the more fuel you give your body, the more energy you will have. This can lead to a spike in confidence, because your body is getting nutrients that aid and support a healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t mean sticking to a strict diet all the time. The happiness a Twix bar can provide far outweighs the calorie count. It’s important to let yourself have a little fun, every once in a while. But remember, balance is key. After all, who can be happy without chocolate?

  1. Exercise your Body

Running a mile is not the only way to burn calories. There are plenty of other ways to exercise your body. For example, yoga is an excellent way to work out. By following different poses, you stretch your muscles. It’s low impact for your body, but can be a great way to get and stay fit. In fact, at the 2018 Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders, yoga classes will be offered for all attendees to try the exercise and learn a bit more about its benefits for mind and body.

  1. Exercise your Mind

It’s like your brain lifting weights. This is equally important to exercising your body. It includes things like doing arts and crafts, reading a book, or doing a puzzle. These activities help keep your brain sharp. You, in turn, end up feeling confident about your knowledge and your ability to think on your feet due to this constant working of your brain. The more we try to expand and exercise our minds, the more knowledge we obtain. Knowledge is priceless. It’s an essential tool in any future plan. You must first know how to do something before you can do it. So, next time you decide that Netflix seems appealing maybe try a Sudoku puzzle or pick up a paint brush and exercise your mind [and creativity].

  1. Take a break

You’re a great student, involved on campus, and a good leader. You are a strong, hard working young woman. You are awesome. But, you also need a break. Lack of sleep is extremely detrimental to our health. It can effect our moods, attitudes, grades, personality, and health (both mental and physical). Try sticking to a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night for one week and see how your mood and attitude transform. Your brain needs time to rest. It needs to shut down so you can feel refreshed and renewed for the next day. Also consider taking time out of your busy schedule for meditation or coloring books. These are just a couple of examples of what will be offered at the 2018 Annual Conference in the “Zen Room.” This relaxing break room will feature comfortable areas to relax, coloring pages, and warm fragrances to help you unwind. Help your brain and body help you and take a break.

  1. Love the woman you are

Sometimes, the change we are looking for on the outside comes from within. People tend to think more of you when you think more of yourself. Ever notice you get more compliments when you wear an outfit you love and feel comfortable in? The first step in being the woman you want to be on the inside (and out) is accepting where you are and loving yourself. No one is perfect. Be comfortable and confident in your own skin, because we are all strong and beautiful. Hold your head high and be the woman you have the potential to be.

While at the 2018 Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders in February, make sure you check out the Garden Court Showcase Friday night which features some of the healthy activities and events mentioned above.