November 15, 2016

Why You Should Be Doing Value Based Recruitment

Guest Author: Sabrina Valencia, Sigma Kappa, KO at Florida International University

Do you remember when you were going through recruitment as a new member? Greek life was an entirely new thing, everything was so exciting and in the end you found a home with the girls who made you feel most like yourself. Through the years you fall more in love with your organization because you realize that your values have shaped you to be the woman that you are. This means recruitment is not a coincidence. When you live by your values, you will attract people who share them and want to live by them as well.

Value based recruitment (in my opinion), is the best way to maintain the sisterhood in your chapter as authentic and passionate as possible. I personally did not even know the values of my sorority held such an important role in my life until my first recruitment. I can remember it clearly, I was talking to a potential new member and she asked me “What is your favorite value?” As many of us are during our first recruitment, I was TERRIFIED of this question because I wasn’t sure I knew how to answer. Much to my surprise, I didn’t even think about it twice. I told her that my values all depend on one another, and I wouldn’t be the leader, friend or Greek woman that I am without upholding each one of them. When I went home that day I realized that my organization saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself and helped me nurture and grow those values and that potential.

This type of recruitment is not a one-way job, though. Sometimes we think that our job stops at preparing our rooms, and having good conversation and the rest is up to the potential new member to choose. It’s almost surreal in the moment, but if you think about it, when you speak to a PNM you might be speaking to your next little, or your future best friend, or your future 2am ice cream and Netflix buddy, you could be speaking to your new sister. In this moment is when you have to be as true to yourself and your organization and values as possible, because this could be the next person that your organization opens its arms to. We all know that sisterhood is no joke, to any of us, so in order to truly have a sisterhood that is passionate and authentic, we need to start with strengthening at the core; our values.