October 04, 2016

Guest Author: Samantha Easby, Graduate Assistant at the University of South Carolina

When I first took my collegiate role in the Greek community, I never would’ve imagined the impact it would have on my life. My chapter didn’t settle for just letting me be myself. Instead, they inspired me to become a better version of myself, a person I could be proud of. My sisters were my cheerleaders when I took on a new challenge, my inspiration to work hard and succeed, and a shoulder to cry on when something didn’t go my way. Not only did I have the support of my sisters, but I had the support of the entire Greek community. It’s an incredibly humbling feeling to be a part of something much bigger than yourself.

I found this exceptional support network, but I also developed close relationships with professional staff. These staff members mentored me and helped me realize my potential. They saw something in me that I never saw in myself. They gave me the confidence to succeed in my position and take on more responsibilities. They challenged me every day to think outside the box and pushed me outside my comfort zone. I was able to determine my personal strengths and objectively recognize my weaknesses. It allowed me to utilize and leverage my strengths to accomplish the organizations goals, as well as, my own.

I learned how to successfully work with people from different backgrounds and personality types. I learned how to effectively create and design diverse projects. I learned to make tough decisions and how to face adversity. It is because of this experience, I gained the strength and skills I needed to succeed in any job or challenge I will face in the future.

Being a Greek collegiate leader uncovered my passion for the Greek community. Having the opportunity to serve in a position led me to pursue a degree in higher education. When I graduate in May, I hope to have the chance to support and serve future undergraduate Greek leaders.