December 21, 2017

by Digital Pix and Composites

Professional headshots are all about you! When deciding what to wear, remember to keep it simple and let your personality shine through. Cute prints and bold colors can be distracting. Solid, monochromatic colors accentuate your natural beauty. Dark, rich colors are the most flattering. If you are feeling bold and confident, rock a bright color top and layer it with a plain blazer or sweater to get a pop of color. As for jewelry, think less is more, such as diamond studs or a classic pearl necklace. Still unsure? Confidence is key to a great, natural shot, so make sure to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and empowered.

How To Use Headshots

Tips for the best photo: 

  1. Hire a professional. A true professional will make sure you are well lit; the location of your photo shoot is appropriate and will perform some basic editing to the photo so you look your best. Have them take a few different poses, locations and angles so you have a variety of shots you can use throughout the web.
  2. Consider your attire. Make sure you are comfortable in what you have on and that it represents you! Ask yourself a couple simple questions. Would you wear it to a party at your Grandma’s house? Would you feel confident enough to rock it at an interview? If yes, then you’re on the right track. When in doubt, scour Pinterest or ask friends for advice.
  3. It should be all about you. Don’t include friends, family or pets in the photos. There are exceptions to this rule. Who wouldn’t love to see a Veterinarian with their furry friends? These pictures are perfect for marketing materials or on social media pages to promote your business. If you’re hiring a professional photographer, it is important to capture a solo headshot. Trust us, you’ll want it!
  4. Keep it current. Make sure you update your photo regularly – every couple of years. Paying attention to this small detail will show your future employer, recruiter, or client that you care about keeping your information up to date.

Where can you use your professional photo?

  1. Social media. LinkedIn has become a huge network of recruiters and business people looking to connect. Put your best foot forward. Other sites like Behance are popular for creatives looking to showcase their portfolios.
  2. Club and organization websites. Are you an officer in your sorority? A lot of the chapter and clubs will feature your photo when you were in office. Avoid the selfie at the bar. Always put your best foot forward with a nice photo.
  3. Business card or resume. There are mixed reviews as to whether to include your photo on a business card or resumes. It is a norm in some industries like real estate, so make sure you keep up with current trends in your industry.