September 26, 2016

Going in the same direction you’ve always gone is great. Traveling the same roads, well, that feels good. Safe. Comfortable. You know every turn, every bump along the way. Most importantly, you always know where you’re going to end up.

But sometimes, going in the same direction gets old. It keeps you from exploring the unknown. It prevents you from making awe-inspiring discoveries that can change who you are as a person — or even, change the world.

We’re no stranger to the road well-traveled. For more than half a century, we brought you the Southeastern Panhellenic Conference (SEPC) and, along with it, the opportunity to grow and evolve as a collegiate woman leader. Now, it’s our turn to grow and evolve, as we blaze new trails and begin a new adventure as the Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership.

As the CCWL, we’ll continue to offer our signature Annual Conference, but we’ll also provide new opportunities and resources to female leaders on college campuses across the country to help them change their world for the better.

Why? Because change is good. And positive change is necessary — to staying relevant, to being impactful, to blazing new trails and fearlessly embracing the future. By joining together as a coalition of women, by women and for women, we expand our ability to provide you with meaningful connections, vital services, and a strong network of women who are both nurturing and becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

To do this, we had to pull out our compass and adjust our coordinates. We had to do some soul-searching, and we had to take a major leap of faith. And that’s where we are now — not in free-fall, but ready to soar. We just need your support to help us fly.

That’s why we wanted to explain the change, and make sure you know that we’re doing this to be the best we can be… for you. To be better and to offer you more, we needed to be broader. We needed a greater reach. We needed a revitalized brand. And when we say “brand,” it’s not just something we’re selling — it’s something we’re becoming.

Are you up for an adventure? We are.
Let’s get started.