August 28, 2018

Some people might say leaders are born and some may say leaders are developed through various situations in their lives. I think they’re both right. Growing up, I was always the first to put her crayons away, to help others finish their homework and the one who answered the teacher’s questions. I knew I always had leadership characteristics within me, but I didn’t know what a true leader was until later in life.

When I went through sorority recruitment, I knew I wanted to become a leader within my organization but I still needed someone to push me and help me take that first step. Thankfully, someone did just that and so I began my first leadership role…scratch that, my first TWO leadership roles. Instead of being voted on the executive position that I wanted, I was called to a different one. I was upset at first but I knew this was exactly how it was supposed to be. During the same week, my sorority president told me she wanted me to apply for a Panhellenic Executive Council position. So, here I was beginning something new as my chapter’s Treasurer and, soon after, the Vice President of Administration for my Panhellenic Council.

To say it was challenging to juggle my roles within my chapter and our Panhellenic Council along with being a full-time student and a job is definitely an understatement! I never thought I was going to have a moment just for myself, but I would also never want it any other way. Having both of these positions, on two different sides of the spectrum, taught me a lot about how every sorority is so similar yet different at the same time. No, we don’t have the same philanthropies or the same history, but we face similar challenges and setbacks. Because I was able to experience both sides, I believe I am better able to address these problems and develop a way for everyone to work together as the current Panhellenic President for my campus.

My two previous positions set the tone for how I want to lead my Panhellenic Council and how to support our sororities on campus. I recognized when I needed to sit back and listen to everyone’s ideas and when I needed to help lead my team in the right direction.

If you’re someone who just needs a push or if your “game plan” is not going according to schedule, don’t fret. Consider this your push! Get involved on campus, put yourself out there and participate in something you wouldn’t normally do. Try something new… and have fun. If you’re having fun, it will radiate to your entire team. Learn from your mistakes and grow. Don’t stop. Your only limit is yourself so don’t ever give up and don’t ever think you’re not good enough. You are enough.

About Morgan Jones:
Morgan Jones is a senior at Jacksonville State University double-majoring in Accounting and Finance. She is currently the Panhellenic President and is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity. She loves being involved on campus and you can always catch her taking Facebook quizzes during all hours of the day.