January 16, 2018

We all have things that define us. Whether it’s the school we attend, the organization we join, or the major we select, it tells a story of who we are. Join us at the 2018 Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders, where Kate Gremillion will share her story about how the way she defined herself and her values completely changed, how she learned to effectively communicate her values, and how you can best share who you are and your value with the world. 

Meet Kate Gremillion

Kate Gremillion is Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co., a career development consultancy providing tools and resources for young professional women to have honest conversations about creating career and lifestyle with purpose. Kate has worked with young women across the country through group workshops, corporate training, and private coaching to equip them with the resources and mindset they need to pursue work that works for them. She previously served as a Collegiate Development Consultant for Delta Gamma Fraternity, and is currently the host of the weekly “Women, Work, and Worth” podcast on iTunes. She enjoys working with college students as an adjunct professor at Loyola University New Orleans in the School of Mass Communication, and her insight and advice has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Real Simple, HelloGiggles, Monster.com, and HerAgenda.

Connect with Kate and Mavenly + Co.


We’re looking forward to her closing keynote on Saturday about “Communicating Your Value.” See you in Atlanta in February!