January 04, 2018
  1. A resolution to meet new people and grow in your leadership role

The Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership, which hosts the Annual Conference, brings together collegiate women from around the country. Meet women in your shoes at different colleges and universities. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, make friends, and put yourself out there.

  1. A resolution to make a difference this year

At the conference, you will be able to learn about opportunities with different philanthropies and how women your age are changing the world. Meet Ginny Carroll, an Alpha Xi Delta alumna and founder of the Circle of Sisterhood. Identify your passions and learn how you can apply those to inspire change in the world around you. CCWL is built on a sisterhood of collaboration to be a force for good.

  1. A resolution to feel prepared for graduation

Graduation is fast approaching. Some folks are eager and some are terrified. Some could be both! No matter which emotion you identify with, at the Annual Conference there are education sessions just for you. One of the key areas of focus is professional development. Learn how to transition into “adult” life, market your Greek experience to employers, or apply what you love doing to an actual job.

  1. A resolution to become mentally and emotionally stronger

You know that feeling of something weighing on your heart or chest? Maybe it’s a relationship with a person, your self-esteem, a bad habit, or a bad decision. If you know that feeling, you also know how exhausting it is to carry it around. Hear testimonials from speakers, advice from people in your shoes, and learn how to create action plans to move forward. The best part of this conference is the network of women to support you, relate to you, and help lift that weight off your chest.

  1. A resolution to be physically well

Ah, the resolution many people start off with every year. But what better way to get this resolution kicked off than at the Annual Conference? Promote body positivity, do yoga with other attendees, take a fitness class led by a fitness-guru, and learn easy ways to implement healthy lifestyle choices. Fitness and wellness don’t have to be hard or terrible — at the Annual Conference, we make it fun!

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